HEICO Serve™ is a dumbwaiter the ideal solution for all carriage applications. It is available in MRL configurations enabling the movement trolley with deep car enabling the movement of stretcher and bed with payload capacities ranging from 100 to 500Kgs. It is thoughtfully designed, well crafted and smartly priced.


HEICO Serve™ employs a sturdy design and delivers a smooth ride even at high speeds. It has all the necessary safeties in place and is quick to install.


HEICO Serve™ is available in manual telescopic door configuration in powder coated and stainless steel finishes.

Space Saving

HEICO Serve™ employs a space saving design to give maximum cabin space in the minimum shaft size. This means less space for elevators in your plan and maximum space for other utilities.

Feature Rich

HEICO Serve™ comes with

  1. In use light
  2. Operating panel at every landing