Hephzi has judiciously selected the Cream of the product from one of the Global leaders in hydraulics namely GMV MARTINI SPA of Italy to offer the very best product in keeping with international standards. Our Engineers at Hephzi are well trained and equipped to install and maintain Home Lifts thereby ensuring trouble free operation.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • It operates on Single Phase Power like any other domestic electrical appliances
  • Eliminates machine room at the top
  • Compact space for the shaft
  • Hydraulic Power pack can be housed adjacent to the lift shaft
  • Suitable for three passengers with travel height of 8.6 mtrs


  • Only one load bearing wall is required
  • High security/ safety when compared to other conventional lifts
  • Saves enormous time as installation is quicker compared to other lifts


  • Huge cost saving due to usage of Single Phase
  • Cost cutting on Civil works, as there is no need of lift machine room
  • Preserves the aesthetics of the building